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May 2024

We’ve settled into settling in. We’ve been in our house for 2 years now. I still get restless and overwhelmed at the upkeep and am tempted by the idea of walking away again. We try to keep road trips on the calendar so we can still get out of town.

I keep busy with working remotely and the kids in school. We’re wrapping up a spring season of soccer with all 4 kids. I coached one team and it was fun to be back on the field teaching kids to love the game. We also got a puppy this past winter and have been teaching her how to be part of the family and not pee on the floor, or eat things off the counter.

I still spend my free time deconstructing religion – and building a website to assist others in doing so. I write posts about it at and keep up with the new profiles others contribute.

September 2022

After traveling full-time for 3 of the past 4 years with my family of 6 (we took a travel break during COVID for our own mental health and because life was so unpredictable), we’re now living back in our hometown in the metro Atlanta area. We bought a house in order to put down roots again and give our kids a consistent community. While traveling we found many communities but found it hard to say goodbye as we moved on continually.

I’m working at Bluehost (remotely) and enjoying building on some long-term projects for Newfold customers and contributing to WordPress. It’s been a fantastic change of pace from working at agencies for the previous 10+ years. I have kept up with the latest WordPress updates and have been honored to speak at both the flagship events of the year at WordCamp Europe and WordCamp US in 2022. I’m also slowly working on a block-based theme to contribute to the directory.

I’m not looking for a new role and barely have any time for freelance work or personal projects because all my time goes into settling into our house. Since moving in this summer we’ve sold our fifth-wheel trailer and truck, replaced 2 AC units, reworked all the ducting in the attic, blown-in insulation in the attic sealed the crawl space, replaced most of the door knobs, furnished the house bought a used minivan, signed the kids up in sports (football, baseball, and ballet) and continued on my path of deconstructing my faith. I miss traveling often and the kids have already noticed the monotony of public school life, but we’re all grateful to have been able to go when and where we did.

Last Updated: May 2024